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ClaroRead Plus Mac



ClaroRead Plus Mac

ClaroRead Plus for Mac, boasts features unlike any other learning support software for Mac users.

Find Text to Speech, Font & Spacing, Word Prediction, Document Scanning, Homophone support, Visual Highlighting, Research Support tools and more with this easy to use, Mac compatible software.

ClaroRead for Mac is a highly effective multi sensory software solution for supporting those who struggle with reading, writing and learning. Designed with maximum simplicity, adaptability and flexibility, users of any age and level of ability will have a powerful proofreading, text speaking toolbar solution in ClaroRead for Mac.

Claroread for Mac V5 Toolbar

ClaroRead for Mac provides the tools to give Mac users independence and accuracy in written work. It can reduce reliance on tutors and support staff by providing accurate high quality proofreading, and turning any text into audio for listening.

ClaroRead for Mac is easy to use and provides the perfect integrated tool for use with Microsoft Word 2004, 2008, and 2011. Since ClaroRead for Mac is closely integrated with Microsoft Word, Safari, Pages and other Mac applications, any accessible text can be spoken aloud.

ClaroRead for Mac V4 free 15 Day Trial download


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ClaroRead For Mac Key Features

  • Text to Speech helps users who have difficulty reading and writing by speaking text aloud for verbal confirmation – an ideal solution to verify that what is written is correct. ClaroRead for Mac comes with high quality, human sounded speech synthesizers. These allow for accurate reading of text on screen in an easy to listen to and clearly spoken voice.
  • Microsoft Word & Apple Pages integration allowing users to carry on using their preferred document writing software package but being able to have additional functions through ClaroRead.
  • Font & Spacing helps to arrange and color the users Word document in a way that makes the text easy to read.
  • Word Prediction helps users with typing by providing a list of possible words the user is trying to type. Such a feature reduces the probability of misspelling or writing an incorrect word.
  • Focus Sentence feature grays or dims out sentences in Microsoft Word and Pages not being spoken by the ClaroRead voice. Helpful for focusing the eye on the text, and also tracking the position in a document. 
  • Scan Paper & PDF enables users to scan documents into accessible formats to be read back by ClaroRead. 
  • Homophone Support highlights these tricky words which sound alike but are spelled differently and have different meanings, such as there and their.
  • ScreenRuler, an on-screen ruler, follows the mouse focusing the eye on the active area of the screen.
  • ClaroView, a screen color overlay, tints the computer screen for easier viewing. 
  • ClaroCapture can collect text from any document and web page, grouping it as a project file.


New ClaroRead for Mac Features

  • ClaroRead includes 5 Nuance Vocalizer high quality voices.
  • ClaroRead is compatible with Apple Pages ’09.
  • Check Anywhere feature, spell check any text in any application, whether a web page, Word document or PDF.
  • Control ClaroRead though the dock icon. Play, Stop and Save to Audio supported.


Improved Features

  • The Check Window feature now includes extras such as a dictionary definition of the chosen word and context box. The Check Window also displays the meaning and Synonyms of the chosen word.



ClaroRead for Mac includes five high quality Nuance Vocalizer Voices. It is possible to add on any of the other Nuance Vocalizer voices for an additional license fee – please contact us for a quote for the voice and language combination preferred.

Click on the following links to hear audio samples of the voice:


Text To Speech

ClaroRead will speak back text as it is typed, allowing a student to check and proofread their work quickly and easily. Text can be spoken at any point by highlighting individual sections of text and pressing Play – great for proofreading.

  • Close integration with Microsoft Word, Pages and Adobe Reader means at any point in a document and web page can be clicked and played.
  • Read back PDF’s by selecting the text and clicking on the Play button.
  • A Text to Speech Pronunciation Dictionary is available to modify the way words are pronounced.


Integration With Microsoft Word, Apple Pages And Safari

ClaroRead for Mac provides a single toolbar for use in Microsoft Word, Pages, and Safari that combines a homophone and dictionary checker, font and spacing commands, a thesaurus, spell checker and a save to audio function. All have clear graphic icons for ease of recognition.


  • Supports speech in Pages.
  • Highlighting by word, word trail, sentence or paragraph.
  • Supports homophones and spacing features.


  • Text can be selected and spoken by ClaroRead.


Font And Color

When working in Microsoft Word and Pages, ClaroReads Font button can modify the font size, type, and color of the whole document easily.

  • Increase or decrease the font size.
  • Change the font to one of 3 popular fonts with one click.
  • Change the color and highlight color of the text of a whole document easily.


Visual Highlighting

The new focus sentence feature grays or dims out sentences in Microsoft Word and Pages not being spoken by the ClaroRead voice. This is helpful for focusing the eye on the text, and also tracking the position in a document.

  • Any color can be chosen to highlight the text.
  • Effective word by word highlighting with minimal visual disruption.

Microsoft Word & Pages

  • Focus Sentence feature grays or dims out sentences not being spoken.



Text character, line and paragraph spacing using Microsoft Word or Pages menus requires some detailed knowledge. ClaroRead makes it simple to space out text in Microsoft Word and Apple Pages.

Pressing the Spacing button when working in Microsoft Word and Apple Pages will:

  • Expand character spacing.
  • Change line spacing.
  • Changes the number of points (spaces) after the end of each paragraph.



Homophones are words that are pronounced the same even if they differ in spelling or meaning, such as pair and pear.

Check Screen

ClaroRead Homophone features will:

  • Mark in color all the homophones and confusable words in a document. Using the Check tab in the settings, additional tricky and confusable words can be added.
  • The Check feature will list alternative words that sound the same, along with the meaning of each word.
  • Word with Pictures: Over two thousand pictures included in ClaroRead, helping users to select the correct homophone or choice of wording. Pictures can be turned on or off.


Spell Check

Spell Check any text in any application, whether it is a web page, document, or PDF.

ClaroRead provides a single Check button for use in Microsoft Word and Apple Pages that combines a homophone dictionary, thesaurus, reference dictionary and spellchecker, making the checking of the text and documents easier and more comprehensive.

Spelling Check Screen

  • Spell check individual words or the whole of the document at any point.
  • The Check Window is fully speech enabled.
  • Clicking the Homophones button will show all the homophones in the text. If the word has alternative words with the same or similar meaning, the Meaning Check box will appear.
  • Over 2000 picture icons help with word meanings.

Word Check

  • Dictionary Lookup button gives direct access to the Macs dictionary.
  • The Word Check window will show extra definitions, context for the current spelling and an internet search link.
  • Any corrections made in the spell check window are remembered and can be reviewed later.
  • Information can be used to build a personal correction list.


Scan And Convert Files

With ClaroRead Plus for Mac, the powerful Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology means that any paper document or PDF file becomes accessible. Through providing a full copy of Readiris Pro 12, textbooks, photocopies and handouts are easily converted into Microsoft Word documents. The text can then be spoken out by ClaroRead or edited. PDF files can also be unlocked and edited, making a wealth of material accessible to every student, regardless of the format.

Scan To PDF

Scanning Paper And Converting PDF Files

  • Readiris Pro 12, the highest quality Optical Character Recognition software. Ideal for scanning or converting books, articles and other content to become accessible, readable and editable.
  • Faster accurate scanning
  • Add, delete and re-order scanned areas, alter page orientation and other settings.
  • Outputted document can be saved in a variety of formats, including an accessible PDF.


Word Prediction And Training

ClaroRead for Mac contains a Word Prediction feature that can be useful for certain computer users. ClaroRead uses a base prediction dictionary consisting of the most frequently used words in the English language. The dictionary learns as words are typed, and rejects words that dont pass the automatic spell check.

Word Prediction

  • Word Prediction list automatically appears by cursor during typing.
  • Prediction Window can be docked anywhere on the screen to use as a reference.
  • Creation of multiple Prediction Dictionaries. Ideal for creating subject and curriculum specific dictionaries.
  • Ability to rename and delete prediction dictionaries.
  • Users are able to turn off spell check when adding words.
  • Learning words as you type and adding to the prediction dictionary.


Save To Audio

It is possible to convert any text into an audio file with a high quality voice. These files can then be uploaded to a music player such as an iPhone, iPod Touch and Nano, Nokia, Android and Walkman phones. The files can also be listened back to using Media Player Software such as iTunes. It is quick and easy to do, allowing documents and web pages to be taken on the move.

Save To Audio Function

  • Save selected text as audio files to iTunes.
  • Files can be named and indexed.
  • Audio files can be uploaded to iPod or iPhone.


ClaroRead Extras

ClaroRead for Mac introduces more applications and utilities to enrich the toolkit available.  These features can be accessed at any time if required for a particular task or assignment.

  • ScreenRuler - reading ruler. Helps anyone who has problems keeping focus while reading.
  • ClaroView - screen color overlay tool. Helps dyslexic students focus on the screen and read.
  • ClaroCapture - study tool. Capture text from web pages and documents to help write essays and organize references.
  • Speaking Calculator - echoes back figures when the return key is pressed.
  • Accessible PDF - opens PDF documents in a format that may be easier to read than the original PDF.



Click the link to download documentation in PDF format:

Click the link to view online documentation:


Software Upgrades

Upgrades are available for existing users of ClaroRead. These can be provided by special download link on request. Upgrades may be chargeable, depending on the version of ClaroRead. Contact for more information.


Online Help Section

For information and help using ClaroRead we have an extensive online help section.

Find out more

Click on the links below to view ClaroRead Videos:




Mac logo

  • Mac computer with an Intel processor
  • Mac OS X 10.6 or above
  • Required disk space:
    • 250MB for ClaroRead, ClaroCapture, ClaroView and ScreenRuler
    • 200MB-650MB per high quality voice
    • 180MB for Readiris Pro (ClaroRead Plus only)
  • DVD drive for installation
  • Third party software requirements:
    • Microsoft Word 2008 or 2011
    • Pages 09 (V4)