Download free 15-day trial demo versions of our software from the links below. For the best experience, download one or more high-quality human-sounding TTS voices as well as ClaroRead.

You can also sign up for ClaroRead Cloud to get access to free apps and services. You can get demos for ClaroRead PC, ClaroRead Mac, and our other software.

Contact Claro sales department to get more information about a free 90 day site license trial.

ClaroRead PC

Download ClaroRead PC trials:

ClaroRead Pro PC

ClaroRead Plus PC

ClaroRead SE PC

ClaroRead comes with a number of high-quality human-sounding text-to-speech voices, in English and other languages. By default ClaroRead comes with five and ClaroRead Plus with eight voices, but you can also obtain more for free from ClaroRead Cloud after your purchase. Below are demos of some of our voices. We have other voices not available as demos. Our products use high-quality human-sounding TTS, or text-to-speech, synthesised speech.

You can get any of our 80 voices in 30 languages for free through Settings in ClaroRead, downloading from ClaroRead Cloud or by using Claro Voice Setup on Windows:

Click here for the Mac voice list and information.

Use the play buttons below to hear a sample of each voice. You can download 15-day trials of many more of our voices:

Daniel British English Download
Serena British English Download
Lee Australian English Download
Karen Australian English Download
Tom American English Download
Sangeeta Indian English Download
Fiona Scottish English Download
Moira Irish English Download
Jill American English Download
Samantha American English Download
Virginie French Download
Maged Arabic Download
Tian-Tian Chinese Mandarin Download
Sin-Ji Chinese Hong Kong Download
Zuzana Czech Download
Tessa South African English Download
Javier Mexican Spanish Download
Paulina Mexican Spanish Download
Ida Danish Download
Ellen Dutch Belgium Download
Xander Dutch Netherlands Download
Claire Dutch Netherlands Download
Anna German Download
Yannick German Download
Alexandros Greek Download
Eszter Hungarian Download
Damayanti Indonesian Download
Paolo Italian Download
Silvia Italian Download
Stine Norwegian Download
Agata Polish Download
Raquel Portuguese Brazil Download
Joana Portuguese Portugal Download
Simona Romanian Download
Milena Russian Download
Laura Slovak Download
Diego Spanish Download
Monica Spanish Download
Alva Swedish Download
Oskar Swedish Download
Narisa Thai Download
Aylin Turkish Download
Felix French Canadian Download
Julie French Canadian Download

ClaroRead Mac

Download ClaroRead Mac trials. All of the voices are available through the settings panel in ClaroRead after you install it.

 ClaroRead Plus Mac

 ClaroRead SE Mac

Mac Voices

This is a list of our current voices available to download for free within the ClaroRead app Mac, however, other voices are available to purchase for site licences and other special arrangements. If you need a voice or language not found below, please contact Sales.

To download a voice in ClaroRead, open Settings, click to open the voice list and select “Download more Claro voices” at the bottom of the list.

Allison American English Female Download
Ava American English Female Download
Samantha American English Female Download
Tom American English Male Download
Susan American English Female Download
Tarik Arabic Male Download
Maged Arabic Male Download
Diego Argentinian Spanish Male Download
Karen Australian English Female Download
Lee Australian English Male Download
Ellen Belgian Dutch Female Download
Luciana Brazilian Portuguese Female Download
Felipe Brazilian Portuguese Male Download
Daniel British English Male Download
Serena British English Female Download
Kate British English Female Download
Oliver British English Male Download
Amelie Canadian French Female Download
Nicolas Canadian French Male Download
Chantal Canadian French Female Download
Carlos Colombian Spanish Male Download
Soledad Colombian Spanish Female Download
Iveta Czech Female Download
Zuzana Czech Female Download
Sara Danish Female Download
Magnus Danish Male Download
Claire Dutch Female Download
Xander Dutch Male Download
Satu Finnish Female Download
Audrey French Female Download
Thomas French Male Download
Aurelie French Female Download
Petra German Female Download
Anna German Female Download
Yannick German Male Download
Markus German Male Download
Melina Greek Female Download
Nikos Greek Male Download
Carmit Hebrew Female Download
Lekha Hindi Female Download
Sin-Ji Hong Kong Cantonese Female Download
Mariska Hungarian Female Download
Veena Indian English Female Download
Damayanti Indonesian Female Download
Moira Irish English Female Download
Federica Italian Female Download
Luca Italian Male Download
Alice Italian Female Download
Paola Italian Female Download
Kyoko Japanese Female Download
Otoya Japanese Male Download
Yuna Korean Female Download
Juan Mexican Spanish Male Download
Paulina Mexican Spanish Female Download
Angelica Mexican Spanish Female Download
Nora Norwegian Female Download
Henrik Norwegian Male Download
Zosia Polish Female Download
Ewa Polish Female Download
Catarina Portuguese Female Download
Joana Portuguese Female Download
Ioana Romanian Female Download
Yuri Russian Male Download
Milena Russian Female Download
Katya Russian Female Download
Fiona Scottish English Female Download
Laura Slovak Female Download
Tessa South African English Female Download
Jorge Spanish Male Download
Monica Spanish Female Download
Oskar Swedish Male Download
Alva Swedish Female Download
Klara Swedish Female Download
Mei-Jia Taiwanese Mandarin Female Download
Kanya Thai Female Download
Yelda Turkish Female Download
Cem Turkish Male Download

Other Claro Software

Download trials for all of our software:

ClaroCapture PC

ClaroCapture Mac

ClaroIdeas PC

ClaroView PC

ClaroView Mac

ScreenRuler PC

ScreenRuler Mac

Demo Documents

Download demo documents for testing.

Accessible PDF File

Inaccessible PDF File

ClaroRead Demo Word Document

EPUB Demo Document


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