Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you have any case studies?

See Resources for published studies.

Do you have any images suitable for printing / putting on my website?

See Marketing for images at print-ready resolutions (typically TIFF files).

What's the difference between ClaroRead Plus and Pro?

Pro has more scanning/OCR features: a proofing step to let you correct the output, and more output options like "PDF/A" or "password-protected PDF". See this Plus versus Pro video.

Can I use ClaroRead in exams?

See Exams. The short answer is "yes".

Do you have a voice for [language]?

See Voices for a list of our available voices. You can get any of these voices with any version of ClaroRead - SE, Standard, Plus or Pro.

Can you send someone to my school for training?

No, but you can access great training resources online: a complete free online training course and many help videos and guides.