Site Licenses


You can get site licenses for ClaroRead for Microsoft Windows PC and ClaroRead for Apple Mac. A site license permits installation of our software on multiple computers within the grounds of an organisation or institute (normally a school or college). Skip to pricelist.

You can also sign up to ClaroRead Cloud to roll out Cloud-based Web Apps and services across phones, tablets and computers, no matter what device, for your students and staff. These require no installation and can complement or replace installed Windows or Mac software. You can also deploy ClaroRead Chrome for your Chromebooks.

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Already got your license agreement and want to install the software?


ClaroRead SE included with site licenses

If you purchase a ClaroRead, ClaroRead Plus or ClaroRead Pro site license then we can also supply ClaroRead SE for free. You can install and use this on any computer where you could install ClaroRead, ClaroRead Plus or ClaroRead Pro. ClaroRead SE has exactly the same high-quality text-to-speech (including reading Word documents, PDF files, and web pages) but does not have spellcheck or word prediction. This is helpful for exams where you want to provide speech support but no spellcheck or dictionaries.


Apple iOS Apps for iPhone and iPad

Our iOS Apps for iPhone and iPad are available through the iOS App Store: you can use the Volume Purchase Program and other Apple systems to purchase and deploy your Apps to your users. Contact us at if you have specific App deployment needs.


US Pricelist

Perpetual one-off licenses

  • One-off purchase of software valid perpetually.
  • If you buy two perpetual licenses for ClaroRead (e.g. one Windows PC license and one Apple Mac license) then you receive a 50% discount on the second license.
  • Products available with a perpetual license:
ClaroRead Pro for PC University $5,995
  College $3,995
ClaroRead Plus for PC University $5,595
  College $3,795
ClaroRead Standard for PC University $3,495
  College $2,450
ClaroRead Plus for Mac University $5,595
  College $3,850
ClaroRead Standard for Mac University $3,495
  College $2,450

Annual licenses

Annual cost to continue to use software, updates provided automatically, Mac and PC and Chromebook versions all available, and ClaroRead Cloud included too.

  • New versions of software included.
  • All licences include ClaroRead SE for exams.
  • Contact us for details of the Education Site Licence Extension to get ClaroRead for additional machines you don't own.
  • If you choose an annual licence you get all of:


    ClaroRead Pro for PC &
    ClaroRead Plus for Mac &
    ClaroRead Chrome &
    ClaroRead Cloud
    University $4,195
      College $3,495
    ClaroRead Plus for PC &
    ClaroRead Plus for Mac &
    ClaroRead Chrome &
    ClaroRead Cloud
    University $3,995
      College $3,350
    ClaroRead Standard for PC &
    ClaroRead Standard for Mac &
    ClaroRead Chrome &
    ClaroRead Cloud
    University $3,195
      College $2,645


    ClaroRead Cloud & Chrome

    Our online cross-platform Cloud solution. See ClaroRead Cloud.


    US Pricing

    Service and User TypeSetup, Support & OCR Usage Fee (annual)ClaroRead AnywhereClaroRead Chrome Extension
    ClaroRead Cloud for Institutions $2,500 Included Included


    Valencia College is a learning-centered college. Therefore, although the request for a comprehensive text to speech, reading, writing, and learning tools solution was made by the Office for Students with Disabilities, the goal was to benefit a much larger population of Valencia students. We considered the industry leaders in the text to speech/learning tools software arena and after two years of research, we decided to purchase ClaroRead. The product was demonstrated to us at the Accessing Higher Ground Conference in Colorado and we were impressed with the simple yet robust range of features. We were also impressed with the price of the site-wide Windows, MAC, and unlimited home-use license and of the iPad app, not only due to our own budgetary restrictions but also due to those of students. It is of little value to have fantastic software solutions at fantastic prices that students cannot afford for home use. Access to learning solutions both on campus and at home is essential for academic success. The Claro suite is affordable, full-featured, and easy to use, even for students and faculty who do not have advanced technical knowledge.  Thanks to all our partners at Claro. We could not be happier with our purchase.
    Julie K Balassa, Assistant Director, Disability Services, Valencia College Common Sense

    ClaroSpeak can certainly be considered among the best available text-to-speech apps. Theres not a lot of overt instruction, tutorials, or visual cues, but thats likely because the developer wanted to create a clean, sparse user interface to make it visually easy to work with. For tutorials, users have to go to the i tab and from there, exit to the developers website for the user guide. For users who want a lot of customizable options, including highlighting, frequent playback of content, and Dropbox compatibility, ClaroSpeak US is an excellent option.
    This review of ClaroSpeak US was written by Dana Villamagna

    ClaroPDF "I just want you to know how much I LOVE the ClaroPDF App – and I frequently recommend it to most of the clients I work with – it is easy to use and has amazing features!"
    Wendy Kay Alameda, US